Change the mouse cursor in windows

If you are tired of looking at the same boring mouse cursor then you can change the mouse cursor very easily with the below steps:

Step 1 :

Go to the start Menu. Select control panel option from the start menu.

Windows Start Control Panel

Control Panel Option in Start Menu

Step 2 :

In the control panel, from all the options displayed, select the mouse item.

Mouse option in the control panel.

Mouse option in the control panel.

Step 3 :

A mouse property dialog box will be displayed , select the pointer tab.

Pointer tab

Pointer tab

There will be a list of mouse cursors and when are they be displayed e.g  “normal select” means this will be displayed normally when you move the mouse or when you select anything.

Step 4 :

Select the option when you want to change the cursor (example – normal select) and then select the browse button. The browse button will display all the available or installed mouse cursors.  You can also see a preview of the cursor in the left hand side corner. Select the cursor you want  and click the open button. Then click OK on the Mouse properties dialog box.

Select the new cursor.

Select the new cursor.

Your mouse cursor will be changed.

If the cursor you want is not already installed, then you need to first install it on your PC and then select it.